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The Tarot is a mean for meditation, reflection, contemplation, analysis of problems and situations, clarification, intuition, self-knowledge, spiritual growth and divination.

It allows us to modify situations in our favor.
Tarot Cards let us explore a new dimension of the Universe.

The Tarot Card consist of 78 Cards. There are 22 Major Arcanes (Major Secrets)
or Triumphs and 56 Minor Arcanes (Minor Secrets) composed
by 16 Reals or Personals cards.

By a professional Tarot Card Reading you could find the answer about everything
you wish to know. You can also find solutions to that problems that cannot be
understood by your knowledge or personal power.

Tarot Cards reading should always be made by a person with qualities and special gifts
as vidency and clairvoyance which allow the correct interpretation of the multiple
meanings of the Tarot Cards.

The Tarot Consultation lasts 1 hour and you can make it by Internet, Skype or MSN
or present. You can also get the half and hour consultation to ask punctual questions,
then if you are interested on asking more questions you can get the complete
consultation, we have differents means of payment.

I'm here to help you...Ángela.

Buy Tarot Consultation only Southamerican residents.
Convert your usual country money into Euros Thank you. Bless you.


Buy Tarot Consultation for all countries except Southamerica.
Convert your usual country money into Euros Thank you. Bless you.

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