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Saint Benito

The Cross - San Benito's medal mends his(her,your) origins to the episodes of his(her,your) life in which it(he,she) fought against the demon and his(her,your) wicked influences.
C.S.P.B.: Cross of the Holy Father Benedictine monk
C.S.S.M.L: that the Cross is my Light
N.D.S.M.D.: that the demon is not my owner
V.R.S.: Move away Satan
N.S.M.V: you will not persuade me of wicked things
S.M.Q.L.: what you me present is bad(wrong)
I.V.B.: It(He,She) drinks you itself your poisons
EJUS IN OBITU NOSTRO PRESENTIA MUNIAMUR: We can be protected from His(Her,Your) presence in the hour of the death



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