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My name is Angela Rodriguez Kaló, I have natural future viewing since I was a little girl. This gift I have it from my mother and his father,
my grandfather.

When I was a teenager, playing as a palm reader with my friends I used to tell them everything, and as first seems a play but after telling them things that they only could know problems came, and I was left alone.

When I was 12 years old my grandmother saw this loneliness and she told me what to do and how to used this Universe Gift, and taught me Tarot reading.

Since then I try to help everybody I can using all my talent.

I have studied more than 20 different Tarots. The different energy they have. Also different readings as I-Chin.

I'm Master in Reiki Usui Tibetan, from the Argentine Alliance of Masters of Reiki and I have international degrees.

I have studied Psychology, Parapsychology, Metaphysic. I work with most of all the adivinatory methods. Using White Magic.

I do works of love craft, work craft, letting go craft. Cleaning of house with bad energy as shopping stores also. If you need a special and personalize work you just send me a message to my hotmail, and I do it. I will help you and teach you tarot and other courses if you want to. You can see me working in as videntetarotista everyday just clicking in my hands you go to the page.

You can use pay pal that gives you different options and ways of paying.

I have work in Spain , Malaga , in a TV Tarot reading Chanel , I have 27 years of experience. I can help you to modify your life, just give me the opportunity, don't suffer any more we came to this world not to suffer we come to be happy, so do it.

Who visit this page will be receiving a special blessing of Universal Energy Reiki from the White Light.

You also are receiving THE SECRET TO BE HAPPY.

Contact me by messenger, mail,



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