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White Magic
It is this section of my website you can consult me for rituals and charms of white magic which I carry out personalized way each case since
it is different from the other one. I invite you to ask me about whatever you have doubts.
to look for meetings which it is the best solution to your problem.
Here I leave you as a special gift a simple ritual that will be very useful either that you want to attract love or to be loved or to liberate you from sadness.

You will need: 1 potato, 4 pins, drops of perfume, a gavel and a male rue plant.

You will cut the potato in two, and discard the smallest half, the other one nails it with the 4 pins wet in drops of your perfume and you will put it the whole night under your bed.

The following day you will bury the potato in fertile earth and over it you will plant the male rue requesting liberation or your most deeply wanted desire. You should water it every day. Success!

The thematic but common are:


* Abundance *Ties *Unties *Ritual for Family Harmony * Rituals for Luck
* Rituals for Work * Rituals for For maleficios liberation

And many many more... you can also consult me for courses!


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